Charter on Racial Justice

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Racial Justice

Scriptural Mandate

“From one ancestor he made all the nations to inhabit the whole earth.”  (Acts 17:22)


United Methodist Book of Discipline

“We recognize racism as sin and affirm the ultimate and temporal worth of all persons. We rejoice in the gifts that particular ethnic histories and cultures bring to our total life. We commend and encourage the self-awareness of all racial and ethnic groups and oppressed people that leads them to demand their just and equal rights as members of society.” (Social Principles, ¶ 162 B)


Racial justice is an ongoing focus of United Methodist Women mission work. We conduct regular racial justice workshops with members, and work in coalition with human and civil rights groups to track hate-crimes and to promote racial justice in the United States and the world.
United Methodist Women's Charter for Racial Justice was created and adopted by the Women’s Division in 1978 and successfully adopted by the whole denomination in 1980. General Conference has consecutively readopted it, every eight years since, most recently in 2008. The Charter continues our urgent call for study and action on the principles and goals of its vision.